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Men's skin

Although male and female skin is made up of the same layers and cells, there are some differences. This difference is mainly created by the testosterone hormone. Due to the high concentration of this hormone, male skin is 20-25% thicker and produces more sebum compared to female skin. Apart from these aspects, it also has an effect on the ageing of the skin. Testosterone stimulates the production of collagen, so the ageing process in men starts later than in women. But this does not say everything, because the ageing of the woman is rather gradual, while it is less gradual in the man.


However, this does not mean that men need less skin care. Men's skin can experience the same problems as women's skin, such as impurities, skin ageing and sensitivity. In many cases, it is important for the man to have a fast, targeted routine that is specifically designed for men's skin.


The Jumères range is specially designed to care for men's skin in a targeted, quick and functional way.